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Comfortable & Powerful Jet Dryer()Dry up to 3 km/h

The ultimate dryer and cleaner for companies conducting paving, line marking, tape removal, waterproofing and crack repair.

  • Line marking - Drying and cleaning prior to marking jobs at car parks, roads, sporttracks, runways and aprons.
  • Crack repair and joint sealing - Drying and cleaning prior to sealing.
  • Tape application and removal - Heating of the surface and the tape adhesive for better quality and easier removal.
  • Bridgedeck waterproofing - Drying of the surface prior to waterproofing.
  • Paving - Drying of larger surfaces prior to application of paving.

Electrical Propulsion and Nozzle Adjustment System

The electrical nozzle adjustment system offer many advantages. At uneven surfaces the optimal nozzle height can be adjusted, and at softer surfaces or obstacles, the nozzle can be elevated to a safe height. The electrical propusion system makes it easy to either walk behind the dryer, or to utilise the optional ride-on trolley for comfortable work position for the operator.

Durable, rugged and ergonomic design via the use of industrial products, which ensure easy, safe and user friendly operation and monitoring. The various nozzle types (20, 30, 35, 50, 60, 80, 100 cm) and sizes are easily replaceable and offer optimal performance on the specific drying, cleaning and heating tasks.

The M150E additionally offers improved safety and outlook for the operator with the installed work and hazard lights.

The Zirocco Telematics system enables remote diagnostics, utilisation reports and tracking.

The turbine service intervals are 100 hours for optimal performance and turbine lifetime. The turbine module can be replaced in few minutes.


Drying speed()Up to 3 km/h (1.86 mph)

Drying widths()20-100 cm (8-39”) - delivered with 20 cm / 8” Hover Nozzle

Dimensions & weight()L: 151 cm / 59” H: 123 cm / 48” W: 65 cm / 25.5” - 105 kg / 231 lbs excl. fuel

Replaceable nozzle()The nozzles can be installed and replaced in two minutes

Nozzle variations & purpose()Line marking, joint sealing and waterproofing

Display, Telematics & GPS system()4.3” 4-Button display with Zirocco Telematics and 4G antenna

Fuel consumption (average)()25 L/hour (6.6 gal/hour) app. 60 min. operation on a fuel tank

Fuel tank capacity()27L (7.1 gal)

Air filter setup()1 cylinder filter (app. 25 hours run time) + 1 easily replaceable pre-filter (app. 2.5 hours run time)

Nozzle temperature range()App. 500-620°C (932-1148°F)

Fuel specifications()Standard Diesel EN590 or Exxsol D80 Petroleum/Kerosene + 3-5% Zirocco Turbine Oil

Battery & charging()Makita 40V, 8 Ah (app. 1 hour run time) & Makita 40V charger

Ride-on capability()A trolley is available as ride-on-attachment

Start-up time()App. 40 seconds

Max noise level at 100%()108 dB LWA

Operating temperature()-10°C to +40°C (23°F to 104°F)

Turbine module service interval()100 hours (recommended yearly) of the 7 kg / 15.4 lbs module

Work light capability()Work and hazard lights installed

Electrical features()The nozzle is elevated and the machine is propelled by an electrical motor

Display features()Power level, fuel level, nozzle temperature, current run time, turbine operation hours, battery voltage, time to next service and turbine states

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