About Zirocco

We’re combining gas turbine technology with software and smart technology to create effective surface drying equipment based on micro gas turbines.


Using the Zirocco jet dryers can increase the quality of work and provides a longer lasting paint and sealing. The heat and air pressure dries and cleans deeper into the joints, cracks, pores of the surface and heats up the surface, which enables better adhesion.

Longer season

If you live in a climate that experiences wet, moist and cold conditions, paint cannot be applied all year round without assistance from technology. Our solutions can dry effectively all year around and are even capable of raising the surface temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).


Our jet dryers allows you to continue working in climates that experience inclement weather. By using our jet dryers you can keep your deadlines and secure work even in tight frames.

Our consistent focus on effective solutions for companies with a need for drying and cleaning of outdoor surfaces drives us towards technology innovation based on micro gas turbines.

Since 2010 Zirocco has utilised our extensive knowledge within industrial production, quality assurance and supply chain to develop the world leading Zirocco jet dryers. The applications are for the line marking, crack / joint sealing, roofing and the waterproofing industry. But we constantly develop solutions for drying of larger surfaces. These include but are not limited to bridge surface maintenance works, concrete pavement and asphalt paving on roads etc..

Together with our partners, we always strive to deliver the best products, support and services within the industry.

Telematics & Hotline

Your hotline support license for collecting product performance, diagnostics and GPS tracking data. You can generate utilisation reports for clients and internal purposes. Zirocco update firmware and provide remote support and diagnostics for resolution of product errors.


Up to 6 km/h depending on the chosen product, surface (asphalt or concrete) and weather conditions.


Allows you to utilize your resources more efficiently. Traditional drying with e.g. LPG requires 2-3 staff. Our jet dryer only requires 1.

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