Dry the under-roofing 10 times faster than with LPG torches

Weighing in at just 23 kg, the Hammer Jet is a powerful and ergonomic tool designed specifically for roofing specialists. Its superior performance significantly reduces drying time, making it an essential addition to your toolkit.

The Hammer Jet’s non-flammable hot air technology minimizes the risk of fire and ignition of the underlying structure, enhancing safety during operation.

Powered by low-emission fuel, commonly used for indoor heaters, the Hammer Jet ensures your work is completed with minimal CO2 emissions, contributing to a greener environment.

We offer nozzle sizes of 50 cm and 100 cm for roof drying, providing flexibility to suit various project requirements. Experience the difference with the Hammer Jet – where efficiency meets safety in roof drying technology.

Roof dryer for roofing contractors

The introduction of a modern jet motor-powered roof dryer to a roofer’s toolkit represents a significant benefit for roofing contractors. Our ergonomic Hammer jet is specifically designed to cater to the needs of professional roofers, focusing on swift, pleasant, and effective drying of roofing surfaces. Its jet motor delivers a high-velocity heated airflow that is adept at quickly defrosting and drying various types of roofs. This rapid drying capability is crucial in minimizing work stoppages and ensuring projects stay on schedule.

Our roof dryer is equipped with multiple nozzle choices of 50 and 100cm, allowing it to be fine-tuned for different types of roofing materials and conditions. This adaptability ensures that the drying process is both efficient and safe for the roofing surface. Additionally, the non-flammable heating technology incorporated into the dryer minimizes the risk of ignition, a key safety feature in the often-flammable environment of roofing work. This combination of rapid drying, adaptability, environmental friendliness, and safety makes the roof dryer an indispensable tool for roofing contractors.

By significantly reducing downtime, the roof dryer not only maintains the continuity of work but also enhances the overall productivity of roofing projects and allows waterproofing of roofs in less favorable conditions. Contractors can confidently schedule and execute roofing tasks without being overly reliant on the conditions, thus providing more reliable service to their clients. The dryer’s efficient operation means that roofing projects can be completed faster, allowing contractors to take on more projects and improve their profitability. Its compact design and light weight of only 23kg, easy use, and low maintenance further add to its appeal, making it a practical choice for roofing businesses of all sizes. In essence, the Hammer Jet is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a vital component in the modern roofer's toolkit, contributing significantly to efficiency, safety, and an easy work environment in roofing projects.

Efficient Roof Blower for All Types of Weather

The jet motor-powered efficient roof blower is a highly beneficial tool for roofing contractors, designed to overcome the challenges posed by various weather conditions. Its robust design and high-powered motor enable it to effectively tackle wet weather, including rain and snow, ensuring that roofing projects can proceed without delay. The blower's advanced drying capabilities significantly reduce the time required for surfaces to dry, thereby maintaining a steady workflow and avoiding costly project delays. This efficiency is critical for professional roofers who are often working against tight deadlines and cannot afford to lose time due to weather constraints.

Additionally, the blower's use of low-emission fuel, similar to that utilized in indoor heaters, aligns with the growing trend towards environmentally sustainable practices in the construction industry. The non-flammable heating feature of the blower further ensures safety by minimizing fire hazards, a crucial consideration in roofing operations where the risk of ignition can be high, even sometimes in wet weather.

Our roof & road dryer provides a substantial advantage for roofing contractors facing the unpredictability of weather. This ensures efficient drying in all conditions, thus contributing to faster project completion.

Do you want to enhance your toolkit for roofing projects?

Advantages with Zirocco


Using the Zirocco jet dryers can increase the quality of work and provides a longer lasting paint and sealing. The heat and air pressure dries and cleans deeper into the joints, cracks, pores of the surface and heats up the surface, which enables better adhesion.

Longer season

If you live in a climate that experiences wet, moist and cold conditions, paint cannot be applied all year round without assistance from technology. Our solutions can dry effectively all year around and are even capable of raising the surface temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).


Our jet dryers allows you to continue working in climates that experience inclement weather. By using our jet dryers you can keep your deadlines and secure work even in tight frames.

Telematics & Hotline

Your hotline support license for collecting product performance, diagnostics and GPS tracking data. You can generate utilisation reports for clients and internal purposes. Zirocco update firmware and provide remote support and diagnostics for resolution of product errors.


Up to 6 km/h depending on the chosen product, surface (asphalt or concrete) and weather conditions.


Allows you to utilize your resources more efficiently. Traditional drying with e.g. LPG requires 2-3 staff. Our jet dryer only requires 1.