Zirocco Jet Dryer – Powerful and flexible drying technology

The Zirocco M150E Jet Dryer offers flexible and cutting-edge technology for easy drying, whether it concerns paving, line marking, tape removal, waterproofing, or crack repairs – our jet dryer will have you finished with your work in no time.

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With a speed upwards of 3km/h our jet engine dryer can help you achieve a more productive and effective workday with swift drying of even the most robust surfaces. The easily adjustable nozzle system makes it effortless to adapt the dryer to different surfaces, with a broad array of nozzle sizes you can choose the exact size that best fits the particular task at hand. Similarly, when dealing with softer surfaces, obstacles, or uneven/difficult terrain, the nozzle height can be adjusted to accommodate the surface at hand and ensure a high quality of work despite the challenging circumstances. The nozzles take a mere 2 minutes to replace, which facilitates a flexible workflow, where you can easily change the settings depending on the circumstances you face.

Challenging tasks? Try the world’s lightest jet dryer

If your tasks are situated in challenging or hard-to-reach environments, you may not be able to bring as heavy equipment as you would like to. Or maybe, you handle a broad variety of different tasks on a weekly basis and need a drying tool that is flexible and easy to transport to various sites and locations. Fret not, we at Zirocco have developed the world’s lightest jet dryer, specifically with adaptability in mind. The hammer jet works particularly well as a roof dryer, as with its weight of only 23kgs it can rather easily be lifted onto higher surfaces. As a roof dryer, it can easily dry out roofing prior to waterproofing, seal joints between roof sections, and heat both felt and surfaces before application.  

Overcome weather conditions and challenging environments with our road dryer

Working in wet climates can be incredibly frustrating when doing work on surfaces. This can be especially prevalent in parts of the world where some seasons entail heavy rain or snowfall. Ziroccos road dryers are optimized to work year-round in any environment. Our systems can dry out any surface and allow for paint to be applied regardless of the season, this makes our systems perfect as a concrete dryer. The dryers are even able to raise the surface temperature up to 30 degrees, which ensures that the surface retains heat for a while, allowing for work to be finished within deadlines, rather than having to continuously reheat the surface, which might slow down your work tremendously.

Safe surface dryer – Keep your machine operators protected

Our surface dryer is designed specifically with safety in mind to ensure that machine operators stay secure when conducting drying or cleaning tasks. The dryer’s electrical propulsion system makes it easy to stay out of harm's way and at a safe distance by walking behind the dryer or even using the ride-on trolley for a comfortable operating position. Furthermore, the dryer is equipped with potent work and hazard lights. This ensures that the machine and operator are clearly visible to their surroundings so that other people working around the area can stay at a safe distance from the dryer and avoid creating potentially unsafe situations for the person operating the machinery.